A significant advantage in LED

LEDs are increasingly popular at the moment,, human have used this Light Technology for more than Many years now.From the start of the invention of practical value incandescent inventing successfully byEdisonin 1879, human have entered into the era of electrification. After 100 years, the incandescent technical is improving, in the meanwhile, other technical means of lights are also used, such as the use of gas discharge fluorescent lamp and LED light using semiconductor technology.

Well, LED lights Why so popular these days?

,LED lights so Popular.the LED is becoming a preferred light source for much more than simple indicators. In fact, todayGeneral Electric (GE), clever lighting technical team responsible for R & D center in The government, told reporters that the traditional incandescent light efficiency is only 10 lumens / watt,high power led module can reach 70 to 80 lumens / watt, LED lights than incandescent light efficiency high, more energy-efficient. Service life, LED lights generally can reach more than 25,000 hours, 20 times more than the traditional incandescent lamp.

In addition, LED lights can also depending on the application, design into different shapes and dimensions, which is also incandescent not have the advantage.

Incandescent excessive energy consumption, starting in 2008, Our government launched the “Green Lighting” project, outdoor led lighting vigorously promote the use of energy-saving technology fluorescent lamp that is energy-saving lamps.

However, energy-saving lamps contain mercury and other harmful elements(energy-saving lamps can only reduce the mercury content, and it is impossible to completely eliminate mercury.), but a serious pollution impact on the environment. It is understood that, for every 1 mg of mercury, 360 tons of water pollution. Mercury content of each energy-saving lamps in about 3 to 5 mg, as of 2011, The government’s number of accumulated through financial subsidies to promote energy-saving lamps in more than 500 million. led outdoor lighting Our current recycling system is not sound, improper disposal of hundreds of millions of energy-saving lamps, its the pollution consequences will be quite terrible.



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